Frequently Asked Questions:
What materials are used to build the cabinets?
The doors, sides, and the shelves are all made from three quarter inch industrial grade, thermo-fused, melamine. In addition, we use aluminum extrusions on the fronts and the backs of all shelves and door edges.
How are the cabinets built?
  All of our cabinets are built using two inch wood screws and thermo-bond glue. We do not use staples, or nails.
Are the cabinets truly custom built?
Yes, our cabinets are built custom to each individual’s garage size and needs.
How large are the cabinets
Our most popular cabinet is eight feet high, four feet wide, and two feet deep (2’x 4’x 8’). Most garages can accommodate this size, or close to it offering 64 cubic feet of storage space.
How are the cabinets installed?
The cabinets are installed using three inch steel screws, which attach the cabinets to the garage wall studs. They are suspended above the floor three to six inches. The cabinets, because of their superior construction do not need floor support.
Why are the cabinets suspended above the garage floor
The cabinets are suspended above the floor to avoid moisture damage from any contact with cement. Suspension above the floor also allows for easier garage cleaning and allows the cabinets to be mounted level.
How much do the cabinets hold?
  The cabinets hold 100 lbs. per shelf, evenly distributed.
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